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Grand Bromo Travel is the best answer for bromo and Ijen crater tourism holidays, Travel tour agent services to get excellent service to enjoy the beauty of Indonesia’s natural attractions. There are several spots that we can visit when traveling to mount bromo, Namely penanjakan 1 to see the sunrise, Bromo crater, poten temple, Savana, Teletubies hill, Whispering sand, several Ijen crater spots, Blue Fire, Sunrise, Sunrise sulfur, Crater lake ijen. Of course, these spots have their own beauty that we can enjoy.

Bromo Ijen Tour From Surabaya

Bromo Ijen Tour From Surabaya. Mount bromo and ijen crater are a natural tourist destination of Indonesia which has been blessed with enchanting natural beauties, Bromo mountain itself is one of the tourist attractions in east java which is already very famous for the beauty of the rising sun, Bromo crater, Teletubies hill, Savana and whispering sand and the beauty of the surrounding natural scenery.

Mount Bromo Ijen

Combination of Mount Bromo and Ijen Crater tours has its own advantages for travelers who like adventure. the beauty of the blue fire of ijen crater or the blue fire of Ijen that arises from the burning of sulfur in the lake Ijen Crater itself can be enjoyed by climbing for about 1.5 hours, The ijen crater with acidic lakes and blue fire with sulfur miners are the only tourist attractions owned by Indonesia and not found anywhere else. All of these things make Indonesia itself one of the countries that is very well known as a paradise for the world. please see the details below for bromo ijen tour from Surabaya.

Program Bromo Ijen Tour From Surabaya

Day 01 : Surabaya / Malang – Hotel at ​​mount bromo

  • The Grand Bromo Travel team will pick up directly from locations that have been agreed, such as airports, stations, hotels, Homes, apartments or lodging in the city of Surabaya or from malang. Then our team will bring you directly to your accommodation around mount bromo. The journey from Surabaya or malang to mount bromo requires at least 3-4 hours. Rest and lunch at a local restaurant along the road to mount bromo, after arriving in the tourist area of mount bromo, Check in at the hotel or homestay. Free program, Rest for bromo tour preparation.

Day 02 : Bromo sunrise tour , Savana , Teletubies , Bromo Crater – Hotels near ijen crater

  • Bromo sunrise tours and 4 spots will be explored starting at 3 am, Our team will wake you up to prepare for a tour of mount bromo. Your pickup using a Jeep or 4WD vehicle will take you from the hotel to go to mount penanjakan 1 by crossing the sea of sand or Savana in the morning. After arriving at penanjakan 1, You can enjoy the beauty of bromo sunrise until you are satisfied. Then proceed to the bromo crater and Luhur Poten Temple which is located at the foot of mount bromo. After being satisfied exploring the crater, Bromo continued his journey to Savana and Teletubbies hill. After bromo tourism activities, go back to the inn, take a bath and have breakfast. Prepared to continue the journey to mount ijen banyuwangi / Bondowoso. The trip here takes around 5-6 hours to drive. Rest and lunch along the route. After arriving at the Mount Ijen lodging area, Check in to the inn and rest.

Day 03 : Tour package of Ijen crater blue fire – Ijen trekking – Surabaya  / Malang / Banyuwangi  / Bali

  • Ijen blue fire mountain tour starts at 01.00 – 02.00 in the middle of the night. Our team will take you to the location of the climbing point to the ijen called paltuding Post drive for 1 hour. After our team handles your entrance ticket, prepare a local guide and provide a gas mask for which the ascent begins, Which takes about 2 hours. Of course you will be accompanied by local guides who have experience in trekking. Please explore the blue flames / blue fire, sunrise and sulfur miners to capture this special moment. Once satisfied exploring the charm and beauty of the Ijen crater back to the inn, take a shower and rest. Then our team will bring you back to Surabaya, Malang, Ketapang or Bali. Program bromo Ijen tour from surabaya completed.

Include : Bromo Ijen Tour From Surabaya :

  1. Privat transport ( Driver + Fuel + AC ).
  2. Hotel in bromo.
  3. Hotel in the crater of ijen.
  4. Jeep bromo 4WD.
  5. Entrance ticket bromo.
  6. Entrance ticket crater (Blue fire).
  7. Guide Ijen.
  8. English speaking driver.
  9. Breakfast.
  10. Mineral water 600ml.
  11. Parking and Toll.

Which does not include :

  1. Travel insurance.
  2. Meal (Lunch and Dinner)
  3. Eat.
  4. Horse bromo.
  5. Personal expenses.

What to bring for mount bromo ijen tour :

  1. Sweater / jacket.
  2. Mask.
  3. Gloves.
  4. Scarf.
  5. Kerpus (head cover).
  6. Shoes.

Price bromo ijen tour from surabaya

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