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Bromo Milky Way Camping Package. Bromo milky way that we present for your private tour by enjoying the panorama of the milky way in bromo with spot spots beautiful and amazing, you must see all the beauty and beauty of the milky way at night by enjoying the silence of the night with camping that you can document the beautiful moments with a milky way panorama on mount bromo.

Bromo Milky Way Camping Package

Bromo Milky Way Camping Package, Provide natural beauty of open tourism for camping on the hill of mount bromo, Milky way views on mount bromo become a beauty phenomenon that you can not find in other areas, Camping mount bromo milky way you can light a bonfire at night and enjoy the Milky Way with cold temperatures foggy, besides that you can enjoy the sunrise, Bromo crater, Savana, Teletubies Hill and whispering sand with a hardtoop jeep provided.

Program bromo milky way camping tour

Day 1 : Surabaya / Malang – Mentingen – Camping milky way

  • Pick up participants can be in surabaya / Malang station and then headed to bromo tourist area to get to camping place in Mentigen or 2 hike on mountain bromo. Driver to camping for about 3 hours, Camping one night while enjoying milky way with guide who bring the best place to see milky way with beautiful atmosphere of mount bromo

Day 2 : Sunrise bromo – Savana / Bukit Teletubbies, Whispering Sand – Surabaya / Malang

  • 03:00 pm tour bromo 4 locations enjoy bromo sunrise tour on penanjakan 1, back to the same jeep followed by bromo tour tour 4 locations ie to mount bromo from close to the charm of the bromo crater is fascinating. To reach the crater of mount bromo you can walk or can rent a horse, after arriving at the top of the crater enjoying the beautiful crater of bromo, Feeling quite happy with the nature tour of bromo crater back to the jeep and continue to Savana, Sand teletubies and whispering sand and enjoy warm drinks and snack breaks. Then back packed and delivered back by our team to Surabaya / Malang. The program is complete.

Iclude : Package bromo milky way camping

  1. Privat transport ( Driver + Fuel + AC )
  2. Stay 1 night in tent camping.
  3. Camping equipment ( Tenda, Slepping bag, Matras camp ).
  4. Local guide.
  5. Jeep bromo 4 locations.
  6. Entrance ticket bromo.
  7. Provided english speaking driver.
  8. Meals adjust to the budget.
  9. Warm drinks (coffee or tea).
  10. Bonfire.
  11. Mineral water 600ml.

Which does not include facilities :

  1. Lunch and dinner.
  2. Horse bromo.
  3. Personal expenses.

What to bring for bromo milky way camping :

  1. Sweater / jacket.
  2. Mask.
  3. Gloves.
  4. Scarf.
  5. Kerpus (head cover).
  6. Shoes.

Bromo Milky Way Camping Package price 2022

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Bromo Milky Way Camping Tour

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