Mount Bromo Tour Package, Bromo Ijen Tour, Bromo Surabaya Tour, Malang, Banyuwangi, Jogja Ijen Bali Tour provides beauty For those of you who love the splendor of milky way. Mount Bromo and Papuma Beach present an enchanting milky way phenomenon. we as tour and travel agents provide services and facilities with milky way grandeur spots for you to enjoy. Usually at night until early morning you can witness the beauty of the solar system galaxy in the night sky.

Mount Bromo Milky Way Papuma

Mount Bromo Milky Way Papuma  is a milky way natural scenery that you can enjoy with the charm of Mount Bromo and Papuma Beach, one of the places that is often touted as the most beautiful location to see a milky way for a certain time to get the most beautiful view for you who love photography.

East Java Island is famous for its famous natural charm, namely Mount Bromo and Papuma Beach, which is located in the southern part of Java Island with the milky way that is the target of photography.

program Mount bromo milky way papuma:

Day 1 : Your location – Papuma milky way

  • Your pickup is in the agreed place, then with the vehicle we have prepared to drive to Jember for 4 hours. Take a break and lunch at a local restaurant. After arriving in the area staying at lodging, homestays, villas and hotels near the Papuma beach after reaching check in, in the afternoon you will be picked up to see the sunset after finishing returning to the crib and enjoy the Milky Way at 7:00 p.m. until 9:00 p.m. and after finishing returning to free lodging program.

Day 2 : Jember – Papuma – Bromo

  • After breakfast preparations for Mount Bromo, the trip takes 3 hours after arriving at the free hotel program, in the afternoon enjoying the sunset around Mount Bromo, Preparatory Break for the Milky Way tour around 11pm or adjusting the time to see the Milky Way

Day 3 : Papuma – Bromo milky way – Surabaya / Malang

  • Bromo Milky Way tour starts at 11.00 at night or adjusts the time for the Milky Way, picking up from your hotel to stay to get to the best place to see the Milky Way which is climbing 2, Sea of ​​sand, Love Hill, Kingkong Hill after enjoying the Milky Way tour. view point sunrise on Peak climb 1 to see the sunrise. After enjoying the sunrise on the climb then the tour continues to the sea of ​​sand, you can rent a horse or walk to reach Bromo crater. Satisfied to see the phenomenon of the crater continued towards savanna, Teletubies Hill and whispering sand. Once satisfied, explore all the charm and beauty of nature and the surrounding tourism back to the inn / hotel, take a shower, eat breakfast and rest. After check out, it is delivered back to the place you want.

Include : Mount Bromo Milky Way Papuma :

  1. Private Transport (Driver + BBM + AC).
  2. Hotels in the tourist area of ​​Bromo.
  3. The closest homestay is Papuma
  4. Private Jeep bromo.
  5. Bromo tourist entrance ticket.
  6. Papuma Entrance Ticket
  7. Coffee or tea warmer drinks.
  8. 600ml mineral water.
  9. Charcoal wood (bonfire body warmers).
  10. Toll and Parking.

Which does not include :

  1. Eat.
  2. Horse transportation.
  3. Personal expenses.

Which needs to be brought to Bromo Milky Way :

  1. Warm clothes / jackets.
  2. Mask.
  3. Gloves.
  4. Scarf.
  5. Kerpus (headgear).
  6. Shoes.
Tour Package Option
  1. Mt Bromo Milky Way 2 Day 1 Night
  2. Bromo Milky Way Camping Package
  3. Mount Bromo Tour Package
  4. Mount Bromo Milky Way Photography
  5. Mount Bromo Semeru Tour 4D3N
  6. Mount Bromo Ijen Tour Package
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