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Mount Bromo Camping Package 2 Day 1 Night. Enjoying the beauty of the charm of mount bromo at night or camping is a new atmosphere, provides the best for a camping holiday on mount bromo with complete facilities such as camping equipment (Tents, Slepping bags, Mattress camp ) campfire and warm drinks with a great atmosphere quiet fresh and calm.

Mount Bromo Camping Package

Mount Bromo Camping Package 2 Days 1 Night is a choice of tour packages that are much in demand for tourists for alternative refreshing to unwind from all activities that can refresh the mind with the view of mount bromo, Mount bromo camping offered in the camping area offers a lot of beauty that you can enjoy such as the phenomenon of bromo milky way, Sunrise, Bromo crater, Teletubies Hill, Savana and whispering sands, the journey process will also be an exciting moment.

Program Mount Bromo camping  package 2 day 1 night

Day 01 : Surabaya / Malang – Sunset – Milky Way

  • Pick participants up  can be at surabaya / Malang airport and then head to the bromo tourist area. The trip to the jeep parking area is about 3 hours after arriving, then continue the trip to the camping area. In the afternoon, enjoy sunset and continue to enjoy the milky way at night with a guide that brings to the best places to see the milky way.

Day 02 : Sunrise Bromo – Teletubbies Hiil – Savana – Whispering sand  – Surabaya / Malang

  • At 3:00 a.m. enjoying the bromo sunrise tour towards climbing 1, After being quite satisfied with the sun rising, back to the same jeep, proceed to bromo tour 4 locations, namely towards the beautiful bromo crater. To reach the mount bromo crater, You can walk or  rent horse service to reach the location of mount bromo crater. After being quite happy with Mount Bromo nature tour back to the jeep and the journey continues towards Savana, Teletubies hill and sand whisper and enjoy warm drinks and snacks. After the tour agenda is complete, Return to packing and send back by our team to Surabaya / Malang. Program complete.


  1. Private transportation ( Driver + Fuel + AC ).
  2. Night stay in a camping tent.
  3. Camping equipment ( Tents, Slepping bags, Mattress camp ).
  4. Local guide.
  5. Jeep bromo 4 locations.
  6. Ticket to bromo.
  7. Provided english speaking driver
  8. Eat according to budget.
  9. Bonfire.
  10. Warm drinks ( coffee or tea ).
  11. 600ml of mineral water.


  1. Lunch and dinner.
  2. Travel insurance.
  3. Bromo horse.
  4. Personal expenses.

What to bring for the Mount Bromo camping package :

  1. Warm clothes / jackets.
  2. Mask.
  3. Gloves.
  4. Scarf.
  5. Kerpus ( Headgear ).
  6. Shoes.
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Mount Bromo Camping Package 2 Days

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