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Mount Bromo Overnight Tour

Mount bromo overnight tour provides a short overnight trip to enjoy all the tours on Mount bromo which include climbing 1 to see the sunrise, Bromo crater, Teletubies Hill, Savana and whispering sand to complete your holiday on Mount Bromo

Program mount bromo overnight tour

  • Pick up at 11 PM – 01 Am from Surabaya / Malang / hotel trip to tourist area of bromo about 3.5 hours. Arrive at Jeep rest area, Journey with Jeep Hardtop to view point 1 for climbing to see sunrise on the way About 45 minutes.
  • Once satisfied to enjoy the sunrise, Travel with hardtop jeep in proceed to bromo crater with soft treking or horse rental. During the trip to the crater of bromo you can see the pura poten and the mountain batok down back to the Jeep parking and on proceed to the Savana, whispering and hill teletubbies satisfied explore the beauty of the object of bromo mount back to its original place Clean up, Eat, Take a break then return to the original pick-up place. After arriving at the place you are headed, Mount bromo overnight tour ends.

Facilities  : bromo overnight tour

  1. Privat transport (Driver + Fuel. + AC)
  2. Jeep in Bromo
  3. Sunrise, Bromo Crater, Teltubies Hill, Savanna and Sand whisper
  4. Entrance bromo
  5. Mineral water 600ml.
  6. Parking and Toll

Which does not include :

  1. Eat.
  2. Hotel
  3. Horses in bromo.
  4. Personal expenses.

What to bring for bromo midnight tour :

  1. Sweater / jacket.
  2. Mask.
  3. Gloves.
  4. Scarf.
  5. Kerpus (head cover
  6. Shoes

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